Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Best of The Mayfields

The Best of The Mayfields:

1. Green Fields of Illinois (L. Mayfield)-Lyle, Doris, Layne 1976
2. Don't Burn My Flag (L. Mayfield)-Lyle, Paula Marohl 1990
3. Momma's Homemade Bread (D. Mayfield)-Doris & Lyle 1988
4. Devil's Dream (Traditional)-Bill Smith, Lyle 2000
5. Time Was (L. Mayfield)-Lyle w/Bruce Weiss 1985
6. Gathering Up Memories (L. Mayfield)-Lyle 1990
7. If You'd Rather Have Your Pride (L. Mayfield)-Lyle, David, Dale Black 1965
8. Things She Needs (L. Mayfield)-Layne, David w/Bruce Weiss 2000
9. Beans 'n Taters (L. Mayfield)-Lyle 1990
10. I Miss The Whistle (L. Mayfield)-Lyle 1996
11. Pretty Flowers (L. Mayfield)-Lyle & Doris 1989
12. You Can't Walk On Water (L. Mayfield)-Lyle 2000
13. I Miss The Whistle (L. Mayfield)-Ryan Smith w/Lyle 2001
14. I'd Like To Follow The Green (L. Mayfield)-Lyle w/Don Hoffmann 1994
15. Little Rosewood Casket (Traditional)-Lyle & Doris 1976
16. Everyday Angel (L. Mayfield)-Lyle w/Dale Black 1985
17. I'm Gonna Walk With My Jesus (L. Mayfield)-Lyle, Doris, w/Harold & Betty Mindrup 1988
18. Jesus, My Saviour (D. Mayfield)-Doris w/Lyle 1976
19. My Front Porch (L. Mayfield)-Lyle 2001
20. Green Fields of Illinois (L. Mayfield)-Lyle, Doris, Paula Marohl 1990

The Best of The Mayfields:
Actually the Mayfield family musical tradition extends back four generations. It began when Great-Grandma Grace bought Grandpa Lyle a $.25 harmonica in 1936. Between her singing the old songs to him and an ancient Edison phonograph, Lyle was heavily endowed with a brain full of music before he started school. He later went on to play guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo and most of the stringed instruments. The best move he ever took was when he married Doris Mindrup. She came from a musical background. There followed 3 children: David, Lynda and Layne. They all sing and play. Now there's three grandsons who also sing and play. Ryan and Nathan (Lynda's sons) play a variety of instruments. Their father, Bill Smith, is  a classically trained violinist who loves and plays a hot bluegrass fiddle. Marion (Layne's son) plays bass and drums. David (oldest son) has no children. Brenda Mae, wife of Layne, sings with the family. Also heard on this album are several friends considered "family" by the Mayfields. Bruce "Swamp" Weiss, Paula Marohl, Don Hoffman, Dale Black and Doris's brother Harold.

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